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All of our clients receive dynamic, database-driven, websites which they (or their employees or interns) can easily update all by themselves. This not only reduces the client's cost over time, but also creates an environment where readers are more likely to return because the content is being regularly updated. Regular updates, in turn, help improve that website's search engine ranking.

Our Services

Our list of services include:
- dynamic, database-driven websites that you can update yourself
- fast-loading user-friendly websites
- all truly-custom hand-coded work; no canned CMS software solutions with limits on what you can do
- sophisticated back-end database access with search and sort capabilities
- image uploading with auto-resizing and optimization for quick page loads
- automated video embedding (just paste the desired URL into our back-end access form)
- multiple levels of security to protect your private data
- basic web design
- interactive elements as desired (JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery)
- basic search engine optimization (SEO)
- web hosting
- domain registration, if desired
- proofreading and copyediting, as desired
- limited copywriting
- e-commerce websites and online payments
- online reservations or appointment scheduling
- online job applications with field verifications
- data gathering (for example, tracking search results to determine popularity trends)
- data analysis by geography, over time, or by any other criteria of your choosing
- consistency over time, no subcontracted programming (the same team will work on your project today and next year)
- an hourly billing rate which is about half that of most of the competition

We Play Nice with Other Professionals

There are times when you may wish to bring in other professionals to assist in their respective areas of expertise. Many shops will try to sell you everything, including tasks they do poorly or that they buy from third parties and mark up significantly; we think that such an approach is not in our clients' best interests.

Even in those cases where we can more than meet your basic needs, you may benefit from hiring a specialist for specific purposes. For example, you may wish to bring in your own graphic designer if you need a corporate logo or custom illustrations designed; if you wish to coordinate the look of your website with existing print materials; or if you wish to have a series of designs created, so that you can choose among them.

And while we can offer you professional-level proofreading and copy-editing, if you wish to have fresh copy written on a regular basis, you might be better off with a professional writer who will work faster (and thus probably cheaper) because he does this work every day. Our permissions-based back-end access would allow your writer to work directly on your website, if desired, while still protecting sensitive data such as customer lists and e-commerce order details.

For more information, contact Roland at roland@alexlucastech.com.