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About Us

We are a father-and-sons team eager to work with you long-term to help your business grow. We provide hand-coded dynamic database-driven websites that non-technical clients can easily update by themselves with no reoccurring expense. Our custom work costs about the same as canned CMS solutions, but with greater long-term flexibility and security.

Alexander Priebe

Alex, age 25, is currently our Consulting Programmer. Despite his relative youth, he has more than 10 years experience working in web development.

Alex graduated from high school at age 14. He began attending college full-time, but found it not to his immediate liking. He dropped out and spent the next few years teaching himself via Google searches and online forums. His strong interest in helping to develop online role-playing games gave him extensive real world experience in database construction, programming and security protection.

In a classical case of cherchez la femme, Alex returned to college when his long-time girlfriend Kelsey insisted upon it. He graduated with a degree in computer science in December of 2011. He now lives with Kelsey in Champaign-Urbana and plans to start work on his combined Masters/PhD in computer science at UIUC in 2015.

Lucas Priebe

Luke, age 20, is our Senior Programmer and has been programming for over 4 years. He graduated high school at the top of his class in 3 years, taking as many as 12 classes at a time to do so. He finished up an approved gap year and is now pursuing his studies at Brown University in Providence, majoring in computer science and applied math, with a planned additional major in physics. He has a long-term interest in game development and was recently elected vice-president of Brown's Game Developers' Group. Luke continues to work with us part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer.

Like his brother, Luke often prefers to teach himself since the pace of classroom learning can be frustratingly slow. Luke taught himself BC Calculus, environmental science and two calculus-based physics courses in a month, mostly on weekends. His casual reading includes textbooks on C, Objective-C, iPhone programming and Java.

Roland Priebe

Roland, aka "Nice Curmudgeon," brings his years of editorial, graphic design and business experience to the table. He interacts with clients to assess their business needs, determine their immediate budgets and turn those needs into technical spec sheets for programming. He also tests new features as they are being implemented to assure quality control.

Roland spent a decade and a half preparing print projects such as sales training manuals and financial annual reports for a range of clientele, from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms to government agencies. He also has extensive editorial experience, having edited masters' and doctoral theses, written resumes professionally, and prepared business plans for venture capital presentations. Roland recently started a blog called Nice Curmudgeon.


Freya's principal job is to encourage our two programmers to deploy pre-emptive multitasking techniques. In this case, that means writing code with one hand while petting Freya with the other. The pre-emptive part is getting them to do so without needing constant reminder nudges.

Freya also assists by keeping the laptop warm when it's not in immediate use; she does this by sitting on the keyboard. About the picture: A strong advocate of cultural sensitivity, Freya (a Norse goddess) does her best imitation of an Egyptian canopic jar burial urn.

For more information, contact Roland at roland@alexlucastech.com.